RELEASE: Dragon Pearl Boy & Falls in Love with a 300 Year Old Girl!

Greetings, dedicated readers!

Friendship Scanlation is here with some more releases! We only have two chapters released this week, and we will be having two chapters released every week until Friendship Scanlation’s half birthday, October 3. On October 3rd, we will be having a huge release to celebrate Friendship Scanlation’s half birthday, so please be patient until then and enjoy this week’s new releases!

And please remember, we are still recruiting all positions, so if you are interested, email us at:

We will be awaiting your email! Also remember, there is no experience necessary. We provide training, and we can even provide software if you need it!

For more updates and news or just a chat come visit us at our forum! For your questions, comments, protests, or whatever else you have in mind, please leave us a comment below! Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Chapter 5

Chapter 4


One thought on “RELEASE: Dragon Pearl Boy & Falls in Love with a 300 Year Old Girl!

  1. Thank you SO SO much for this! I thought I might never be able to read any more >.<
    I am especially grateful for this, but I also love your other projects (especially ones by Chie Shinohara XD).
    Anyways, keep up the good work!
    A grateful fan

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