Hello Readers,
I am back, not with releases, but with information about releases! After October 1st, we will be having polls on our forum to determine the next week’s release. We will be releasing 7 chapters a week.

The staff will get to vote on 2 of the chapters released, and readers* of the forum will get to vote on 1 of the chapters. The rest will be decided at random. Voting will take place every week!
Any questions, comments, or hate can go in the comments, the forum, or you can email us at:

In addition, we are still recruiting all positions! If you don’t know anything, it’s okay! We offer editor training! We also offer Vietnamese and Japanese TL training (only for those who already know the language, but need some guidance)! So join today!

Thanks again for your support, and we hope to hear from you soon!

*To become a reader, you must first sign up for our forum, make 5 non-spam posts, and then PM our forum admin TsukikoTokoyami so she can change your status to reader.
When you become a reader, you get to read our releases a day before they are officially released!


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