RELEASE: To Attract A Junior & Hot Guys Have Something Special CHAPTER 2!

Hello Readers~
It has been brought to my attention that we forgot to release chapter 2 of  To Attract a Junior and Hot Guys Have Something Special, while we just released chapter 3! So this is just a bonus, I suppose :P.

From now on, we will be continuing back to our regular release pattern of Tuesday, and we will be releasing 7 chapters every week. 2 of the 7 chapters will be decided upon by the staff, 1 of the chapters will be chosen by the readers on the forum*, and the rest will be chosen at random!

We got a huge response from our half birthday release, and we are all very excited to know that we have so much support! In addition, I am aware that some of the chapters from the half birthday release are not correct, and I will try to have them fixed as soon as I can. Any problems with the releases, please make them known so we can get them sorted out :)!

On behalf of the staff at Friendship Scans, we’d like to say thank you for supporting us and we will continue to try our best to bring you quality releases! And don’t forget, we are still recruiting staff, all positions (ESPECIALLY TRANSLATORS!)! We offer editor training for those who need it. We also offer Vietnamese and Japanese translator training (only for those who already know the language, but need guidance)!
Anyways, sorry for my rambling, enjoy the release!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


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