Hello Readers~
Today is our first official release day since the big half birthday!
I know there have been some complaints about quality, and I want to make this clear: Our staff is comprised of almost all new, unexperienced people just learning the ways of the scanlation world; these people are all readers turned staff (we understand your frustration!), and we are all trying our best to give you the best. And that’s all I can really say. So if you have any complaints, constructive criticism is always welcome, and if the quality is so bad, we are always recruiting~ 😀

If you are interested in joining, shoot us an email at:

Or come visit us at our forum, and make an account and PM Tsukiko Tokoyami. Or you can just ask around on the forum, and somebody will help you out :).

Now onto the releases!

Chapter 4

Chapter 15

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 14


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