Hello ladies, gentlemen, and others!

I’ve come back bearing gifts…RELEASES! This week the Reader’s Choice release is Dolls Music Staff chapter 6, and the Staff Favorites releases are I Love You, Vampire chapter 3 and Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage chapter 2.

Every week, on the forum, we have polls up for the readers and staff that will determine part of the next week’s release. The readers get to vote for one of the releases, and the staff get to choose two.

To become a reader on the forum, join our forum, and then make 5 non spam posts! After becoming a forum reader, you get releases a day ahead and you get to vote for your favorite project to be released!
And, as always, we are recruiting all positions.

So if you are interested in joining, send us an email at:

Or, visit our forum and ask around there.
And without further ado, here are this week’s releases! Thank you all for your support!

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 1

 Joint with Bluebird Scans
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 2



  1. HI, i was wondering why you have these three in the complete projects, fall in love with a 300 year old, ryouko no shinrei jikenbo & dolls music staff. because they don’t seem to be done.

      • Thats super confusing. I think you should do like other groups and only put it in completed when you RELEASED all the chapters, not just finished them internally.

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