Hey look, more releases!

Welcome readers!
It’s Tuesday and here are 7 more releases for you! This week’s Reader’s Choice is Say Say Say. The Staff Favorites are Kiri no Mori Hotel and Drops of Dreams, the Golden Birdcage. Don’t forget, if you want to sign up as a reader on our forum, you get many benefits! You get to vote on one of the next week’s releases and you get the releases early! Becoming a reader on the forum is very easy, all you need to do is make an account and then make 5 non spam posts, then PM one of our admins and they will change your status to reader! And as always, don’t forget, we are always recruiting ALL POSITIONS! So if you are interested, come visit us at our forum!
Or email us at:

As always, thank you for your support, and enjoy the releases!

Volume 6 Chapter 5

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 6

Chapter 2

Chapter 28

Chapter 4

Chapter 6


9 thoughts on “Hey look, more releases!

  1. It’s going to become my habit of waiting for your releases every week… Hehe ^__^
    Once again, thank you everyone for your wonderful hard work. ❤

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