Halloween + October staff birthdays release!

Happy Halloween (or Happy October 31st, for those who don’t celebrate it~) Readers!
It’s the last day of October, and today we will be celebrating the birthdays of our staffs whose birthdays fall during the month of October, without them we would not have releases! We will be releasing an extra chapter in honor of each of their birthdays!

.Water Droplets. (October 10)
Souhiciro (October 12)
Pimmies (October 18)
Naninyanko (October 22)
LeonDeclis (October 28)
DustyOcean (October 30)
Cowsarenice (October 31)

In addition, we are still recruiting staff (we always are!) and we are in dire need of translators (but we are still recruiting other positions as well!).

If you would like to join, visit our new recruitment page! Or you can just swing by the forum!

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Chapter 3

Chapter 15

Chapter 5

Chapter 118

Chapter 5

Chapter 8

Chapter 7

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Kootta Natsuno Hi

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 16

Volume 2 Chapter 6


3 thoughts on “Halloween + October staff birthdays release!

  1. Yay, I’m the 1st one here. Thanks you guy & Happy Halloween! Anyone’s in the mood for “Trick or Treat?” Cause I’m ready to go tonight with a huge bag for candies

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