More releases! More completed projects!

Hello everybody!
Here we are with some more releases! This week we release the last chapters of Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo and Prince Bubble!

And some important news! We have just purchased a new domain and host for a new website! We are planning to get an online reader! So we are asking for donations to help us out (our main admin Tsuki is using her own personal money for this). Anything is greatly appreciated! The donation button is located to the right of here!

Also remember, we are still recruiting all positions (always are!). And we are especially in need of translators (mostly Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese)! So please please! If you are willing to help and be dedicated (meaning, don’t run off with our stuff), then please don’t hesitate to join us! Visit our recruitment page or forum for more details!

Thank you as always for your patronage and enjoy the releases :D.

Chapter 23                              Chapter 1c                                Chapter 16 [END]

Chapter 1 Part 2                       Chapter 8 [END]                      Chapter 9

Chapter 8


5 thoughts on “More releases! More completed projects!

  1. I cannot thank you enough for picking up Genjuu no Seiza!! I’ve been waiting like forever for any scanlation groups to continue this wonderful manga. Arigatou!!!

  2. AAAAA, Ryoko is done. I can’t believe it. I’m waiting for this date for 2 years already. Thank you so much. Btw, just out of curiosity, there’s another short series of Shinohara Chie-sensei called Sergei Oukoku no Kage Tsukai, do you guys think about translating it?

  3. Thank you so much for Gin no KazeTooi Toki and Genju no Seiza! I thought I’d never be ever to finish those mangas EVER! Thank you SOO much!

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