November 20th release!

Hello everybody! Here we are with some more releases! This week’s readers’ choice is I’m Looking for the Princess chapter 30! Join us as a reader on our forum to participate in the voting! To become a reader, you need to sign up for our forum and then make 5 non-spam posts, make sure to let one of our admins know (Tsukiko Tokoyami, Sera, Mafuane, and myself, cowsarenice), and we will promote you to reader status and you can vote on projects! In addition, we have an extra chapter released for this week in honor of our staff member, Electrobuzz’s birthday next week! Yay~ Thanks Buzz for all of your hardwork, and may your birthday be a good one~ In addition, please don’t forget to donate! In the next month or so we will be debuting our new site (with an online reader!), and in order to maintain the site (and for us to break even) we are in need of donations! Also remember, we are still recruiting (always are!). And we are in dire need of translators (mostly Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese)! So please please! If you are willing to help and be dedicated (meaning, don’t run off with our stuff), then please don’t hesitate to join us! Visit our recruitment page or forumfor more details! Thank you! And hope you enjoy this week’s releases!

Chapter 17                                   Volume 2 Chapter 3                 Chapter 7

Chapter 30                                 Chapter 119                                  Chapter 7

Mokugekisha ni Sayonara     Chapter 1.2

Note: Apologies for the wrong chapter of Dragon Pearl. The new link should go to the correct chapter of Volume 2 Chapter 3. Manga Fox hasn’t updated our previous chapters.


5 thoughts on “November 20th release!

  1. Why was Dragon Pearl Boy v2 c3 removed and replaced with v2 c1, which had been released already? It’s the same exact link as the chapter 6 on the Dragon Pearl Boy page.

  2. Hi guys! thank u so much for all the releases!! you are great !thanks I wasnt expecting prince of night I especially like it is really interesting !
    Thanks for your work !!!

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