More releases, missing chapter updates, and more news!

Hello everybody!
Here we are with some more releases! This week’s readers’ choice is Li Ren Man volume 2 chapter 8! Join us as a reader on our forum to participate in the voting! To become a reader, you need to sign up for our forum and then make 5 non-spam posts, make sure to let one of our admins know (Tsukiko Tokoyami, Sera, Mafuane, or myself, cowsarenice), and we will promote you to reader status and you can vote on projects!

In addition, I have some news regarding missing chapters from projects we have picked up that were previously scanlated by other groups. These projects are Genjuu no Seiza and Forbidden Kiss. We are working on the missing chapters, and they will be released shortly :).

Also, please don’t forget if you have the means, please donate to us! We need money to buy raws and to fund our new site (which will debut soon, we even have an online reader!).

On another note, we will be having a big end of the year and new year’s release! We will be completing 3 projects, while bringing in 3 new projects! So look forward to that!

Also remember, we are still recruiting (always are!). And we are in dire need of translators (mostly Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese)! So please please! If you are willing to help and be dedicated (meaning, don’t run off with our stuff), then please don’t hesitate to join us! Visit our recruitment page or forum for more details! Thanks again for your support, and be sure to stop by next Tuesday for more releases!

Chapter 8                                    Chapter 7                                      Chapter 4

Chapter 5                                   Chapter 3                                        Chapter 3

Chapter 22


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