More releases! (including Forbidden Kiss 33.1!)

Hello Readers!
Here are some more releases! This week’s readers’ choice is My Brother, My Boyfriend, and He chapter 4! Join us as a reader on our forum to participate in the voting! To become a reader, you need to sign up for our forum and then make 5 non-spam posts, make sure to let one of our admins know (Tsukiko Tokoyami, Sera, Mafuane, or myself, cowsarenice), and we will promote you to reader status and you can vote on projects!

Also, please remember, we need donations! We will be debuting our new site soon (it has an online reader!), and we need money to pay for host and stuff. In addition, we need money to buy pretty raws! So if you can, please consider donating to us!

This week we are releasing one of the missing chapters of volume 6 of Forbidden Kiss, the next missing chapter will be coming as soon as we can!

In addition, if you haven’t already seen it, please check out our contest! We will be giving a prize to first place, so be sure to participate :).

Also remember, we are still recruiting (always are!). If you are willing to help and be dedicated (meaning, don’t run off with our stuff), then please don’t hesitate to join us! Visit our recruitment page or forum for more details! Thanks again for your support, and be sure to stop by next Tuesday for more releases!

Chapter 4                                      Chapter 10                                    Chapter 33.1

Chapter 9                                     Chapter 7                                        Chapter 6.1

Chapter 10


13 thoughts on “More releases! (including Forbidden Kiss 33.1!)

  1. AAAAAAAA, why only half of chapter 6 for Drops of Dreams? WHY? WHY? WHY?
    Sorry, I’m just a bit over-reacting right now. Thanks so much for the translations. It has been a month since your last release for this manga. Somehow it really reminds me about Yuuri in Red Lion.

  2. Thank you for this great releases. I was so happy to see among them “My brother. my boyfriend and he”! I love this manhwa)). I’ll be waiting for next chapters of it))

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