Merry Christmas!

Hello readers and whoever else might be reading,
Today I bring you 25 releases for our Christmas release! And for those who don’t celebrate Christmas…happy December 25th! We are releasing the last of the chapters of Dolls Music Staff, Falls in Love with a 300 Year Old Girl, and Say Say Say!

We are always recruiting all positions. If you don’t have any experience and don’t know another language, you can always apply as a proofreader or editor in training. We don’t require any experience; the only thing we ask for is dedication. Visit our recruitment page or forum for more details!

Also, please remember, we need donations! We will be debuting our new site soon (it has an online reader!), and we need money to pay for host and stuff. In addition, we need money to buy pretty raws! So if you can, please consider donating to us!

Remember, contest submissions must be sent to by December 31st. If you haven’t already seen the contest, please check it out here! We will be giving a prize to first place, so be sure to participate :).

Thanks again for your support, and be sure to stop by next Tuesday for our New Year release, which will have 25 more chapters!

Chapter 13                                   Volume 7 Chapter 1                Chapter 12
Chapter 14                                   Volume 7 Chapter 2                Chapter 13
Chapter 15                                   Volume 7 Chapter 3                Chapter 14
Chapter 16                                   Volume 7 Chapter 4                Chapter 15
Chapter 17                                   Volume 7 Chapter 5                Chapter 16 [END]
Chapter 18 [END]                        Volume 7 Chapter 6 [END]

Chapter 6.3                                   Chapter 31                                   Chapter 9

Chapter 1                                  Chapter 3                                    Prologue Part 1

Chapter 1                                Chapter 120

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hi. Thanks so much for the new chapter releases. Just a heads-up, chapters 12, 14, 15 & 16 are all the same Falls In Love With A 300 Year Old Girl chapter. Chapter 13 is a Dolls Music Staff chapter. 🙂

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