Q= Who are we?
A= We are a scanlation group that was created to share the manga that we love with everyone. We hope to meet and become friends with the many people we become acquainted with.

Q= How can I download the chapters for the “X” project?
A= There are three ways to download chapters:
1. Go to our blog where you will find links to downloads under each project. You can also check our blog’s announcement page every Tuesday for a release unless we state otherwise.
2. Be a “Reader” in our forum. The privilege of a Reader is that you get to download a release in the forum a day before the official release on our blog. In order to be a reader you need to post at least 5 non-spam posts on our forum. Contact our admin Tsukiko when you have completed the 5 non-spam posts and tell her that you have done so. She will review and change your status to “Reader” as soon as possible.
3. Be a Staff member of FS, to be on the staff there is only one requirement which is your willingness to learn and try new things. There is a job for everyone here no matter what your capabilities are. Our admin is very good at finding jobs for people. As a member of FS you will be able to download the link at least TWO days before the official blog release in the forum.

Q= When will the next chapter of X project come out?
A= Our official release date is on Tuesdays. If you are a Reader, it will be on Mondays. And if you are a staff, why the heck are you asking such a question?

Q= How can I contact you?
A= You can contact us in the forum by sending a “PM” to Tsukiko Tokoyami or by sending us an E-mail to friendshipscans@gmail.com or in the contact form at the blog.

Q= Can I host your releases on other sites?
A= Yes, but you must do the following steps:

1) You have to ask Tsukiko Tokoyami for permission to host our releases.
2) You have to let us know where if you’re going to host our projects.
3) You should wait 48 hours (2 days) after the official release on our blog before uploading our projects on the site you have indicated to Tsukiko in #2.
4) You SHOULD NOT leave out our credits pages, recruitment pages, and ALL pages that we put in each chapter.

We understand your willingness to share our projects to third party readers but please comply with what we ask of you in the steps listed above. Thank you.

Q= May I join your scanlation group?
A= Of course! We are always glad to recruit more help to us.
Go to our RECRUITMENT page to see the details about how you can help. We recruit anyone who is willing to help and willing to learn. We will find a job for you at FS. There is always room for more!

Q= Do you accept joints?
A= It depends. If you wish to work on a joint project with us, please e-mail us at friendshipscans@gmail.com, or send a “PM” to Tsukiko Tokoyami and discuss the details of the joint with her.

Q= May our group re-translated your series to another language?
A= Yes you may, but you have to contact us first. You can send a “PM” to Tsukiko Tokoyami.
Fill out and send the information listed below:
>The Group name:
>Link to the Group site :
>Which language will the project(s) be re-translated to:
>The project(s) that you want to re-translate:

Q= Download link is broken. What do I do?
A= Please inform us about any problems you encounter regarding our downloads. Send us an email at: friendshipscans@gmail.com or just comment on the page, and we will get it fixed ASAP.

Q= Do you scanlate licensed mangas?
A= No.

Q= Can I request a manga title for you to scanlate?
A= Yes, you can, let us know you’re requesting at Project Suggestion.

Q= My Question isn’t here.
A= Contact Us at our E-mail: friendshipscans@gmail.com or send a PM to our admin Tsukiko Tokoyami.

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