Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo

Title: 陵子の心霊事件簿; Ryouko’s case-book of spirits
Author: Shinohara Chie
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Romance, Shoujo
Length: 4 Volumes (Complete)

Ryouko Midorikawa is a girl in her first year of high school. One day the cat she had raised and loved for 15 years suddenly dies. Although Pow hated water, he died drowning. Ryouko is lost in questions about the cause of his death. But from that night on, terrible things start happening everywhere around her!

Chapter Download
Volume 1-2 scanlated by Celestial Scans
Volume 3
Chapters 9-11 scanlated by other groups
Chapter 12
Volume 4
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 [END]

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