Gin no Kaze Tooi Toki

Title: Gin no Kaze Tooi Toki  , 銀の風 遠い刻, 银色风拂纱梦
Author: Odagiri Hotaru
GenreDrama  Fantasy  Gender Bender  Historical  Shounen Ai
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)

A long time ago there was a princess who was not afraid of the silver demon. Now after several years she has been reincarnated…

Chapter Download
Volume 1
Chapter 1a and 1b scanlated by Hochuuami
Chapter 1c

4 thoughts on “Gin no Kaze Tooi Toki

  1. Thank you very much indeed for picking this up, I thought everybody forgot about this manga >.< and I love Odagiri-sensei's works :3
    Talking about forgotten mangas I remembered one more gender bender BL – O-Gutts!
    The last release was in 2004… o.0 and it's great every shounen-ai fan should check it out! 🙂

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