Shinohara Chie the Best Selection

Title: Shinohara Chie the Best Selection
Author: Shinohara Chie
Genre: Shoujo
Length: 2 volumes

Volume 1
Kootta Natsu no Hi
Yasashii satsujinsha (Kind Killer).
Houmonsha wa Mayonaka ni… (Someone in the Dark…) – A Midnight Visitor
Mokugekisha ni sayounara
Weekend no Joutaijou
Nemuru machi

Volume 2
Jisatsu Shitsu Room Number 404
Soshite 5-kai no suzu ga naru (The Bell Rings 5 Times – When the Bell Rings)
Crystal Doll
Fuyu no hana wa chinkon hana
Akai Densetsu

Chapter Download
We will be scanlating the chapters that have not been scanlated 🙂

Akai Densetsu
Crystal Doll
Fuyu no Hana wa Chikon Hana
Kootta Natsuno Hi
Mokugekisha ni Sayonara


2 thoughts on “Shinohara Chie the Best Selection

  1. I think except “Kind Killer” & “Some in the dark” & “When the Bells Ring” are already translated, the rest of these 2 vol were not translated yet. So can you guys please please please translate the rest of them? *puppy eyes* I really want to read *begging*

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