Toubou Kyuukou

Title: Toubou Kyuukou
Author: Shinohara Chie
Genre: Mystery  Romance  Shoujo
Length: 1 volume (complete)

Consists of 4 oneshots.
「逃亡急行」 – Toubou Kyuukou (Escape Express)
Magazine reporter Natsumi comes across the scene of a murder and is captured by the youth who seems to have committed it. He insists he’s innocent and the two go off to Switzerland together in pursuit of the real murderer!

「死刑台の72時間」 – Shikeidai no 72-jikan – 72 hours of death stand (was also published in Umi ni Ochiru Tsubame)

「失踪都市」 – Shissou toshi

「買って飲んであそんでデンマーク」 – Katte Nonde Asonde Denmark

Chapter Download

Toubou Kyuukou Part 1

Shikeidai no 72-jikan scanlated in Umi ni Ochiro Tsubame

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