Hello, and welcome to the recruitment page! First of all, we’d like to thank you for considering joining our group! We are always recruiting members, experience is not a requirement, but the only thing we ask for is DEDICATION. 

Remember, if you don’t know anything, it’s okay! We have a wonderful editing team from different time zones around the world ready to teach! If you need it, we can even provide software!

We also offer Japanese and Vietnamese TL training, but this is only for the people who already know the language but need some guidance.

To apply, fill out this application.

Translators (TL)

Job: A translator translates another language to English. You should be somewhat fluent in both languages, don’t worry too much though, we have proofreaders! Our translator positions are NOT limited to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. We believe that all language are a part of this manga community, and that everyone should be treated with respect.

Proofreaders (PR)

Job: As a proofreader, you are expected to be fluent in English, good at finding mistakes as well as know correct grammar and spellings. A proofreader goes through a translated document and corrects all mistakes (grammatical errors, misspellings, etc.). Basically, you will help the translator to improve the translation, whether it is to fix grammar or to correct vocabularies. You can also help translator to make the wordings flow naturally. Additionally, the genre of the project is important because different genres call for different ways of speaking so collaboration with the translator is a must in your job.

Editors (cleans and typesets)

We provide editor training for those who don’t know anything! You can use photoshop (preferred) or GIMP for cleaning, but for typesetting, please do not use GIMP.


Job: A cleaner cleans. By clean, we mean leveling, duplicating, redrawing, cloning, and making the RAWs pretty for the typesetter. It’s not as bad as it sounds…doesn’t everybody love pretty mangas?!

Typesetters (TS)

Job: A typesetter puts the proofread text onto the cleaned pages. (AKA the ones who make the words look pretty for you to read)

Quality Checker (QC)

Job: A quality checker checks the whole chapter before it is released. The QC corrects any mistakes, that the cleaner, proofreader, or typesetter has missed. A quality checker must have experience in editing and proofreading.

5 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. I would like to join your group, and i want to be a Chinese Translator. My Chinese was taught by my mother from I’m small. I’m better at Chinese than English, so .. ^^

  2. Hiya! ^.^ I got to this page from here!!!-COME-JOIN-US i’m bilingual – though my first language is Russian, which isn’t any help >_<" i believe i can still proofread English – i have some time on my hands and i would like to help if i can – also – i am always kind to everybody XP lol so – let me know if i can be of any assistance or if there is anything else you guys need to know about me ^_^

    In any case – thanks for bringing the love to the english-reading audience! *_*

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