Genjuu no Seiza

Title: Genjuu no Seiza, 幻獣の星座, Constellation of the Imaginary Beast, Imaginary Beast, Ngôi Sao Bí Ẩn
Author: Akino Matsuri
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shoujo, Supernatural
Length: 14 Volumes (Complete)

Kamishina Fuuto would like to think he’s a normal boy, but he is the reincarnation of the High Priest of Darashaal, a tiny Asian country that has just celebrated the inauguration of… its new high priest. Clearly, only one of them is the true priest, and unfortunately for Fuuto, it is he. As the celestial guardians come to dispose of him, they discover that he is not, as their leader Naaga says, a fake. Fuuto just wants to be normal and live a normal life, but he is constantly drawn into trouble, as he has an extremely keen spiritual sense and the ability to soothe ghosts.

Chapter Download
Volume 1-5 Scanlated by other groups
Volume 6
Chapter 23

8 thoughts on “Genjuu no Seiza

  1. I like this one.. However, vol 5 seems to be only half done, hence your ch 23 doesn’t seem to be correctly numbered.
    Chapter 22 is Story 3 of vol 5, but there is 5 stories+bonus in vol 5 according to the index at the start of ch20 (I got the volumes from MT).

  2. I literally teared up (but just a little bit) when I saw that you’d picked this project up. Thank you so much! I wish my health would let me help, but all I can do is send my appreciation. Thanks and thanks and thanks again!

  3. I just found Genjuu no Seiza today, such a shame that no one would continue to scanlate this beautiful manga. Then I tried checking mangaupdates, and there you are!! With chapter 23! I’m really happy now~
    Thank you so much for picking it, I hope you’ll continue to release this until volume 14 =D
    Thanks, good luck, and happy new year!

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